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Personal Narrative

Now for a Bit of Tub Thumping . . .

David P. CrockerAh, yes.  The narrative.

I’m a business lawyer, but with a difference! I’m qualified in both the US and Britain and I have twenty years of experience representing all matter of companies, but in particular software and IT companies from startup to financing to acquisition. I have a very strong understanding of technology and its various applications. I’m able to converse with clients at a high level technically and I’ve been called a “propeller head” by admiring geeks who didn’t know I was a lawyer. Naturally, I enjoy the look on their faces when I divulge my shameful secret. I am an entrepreneur and I understand entrepreneurship.

My practice is focused on business and truly international. I work across borders, with strong contacts in the US, Britain, Russia, Israel and the far east. I’ve negotiated face to face in places as varied as South Korea, Japan, Britain and Russia. Not to mention the US. How many small-fry do you know who have negotiated licenses from Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens and virtually every other cell phone manufacturer? Who have negotiated and advised in Russia? And that’s just a start.

Clearly, I am not a big firm. I deal with all my clients personally and I am reachable wherever I go. If you call my office, you’ll get me on the phone. I return calls and emails promptly and I don’t gouge my clients on fees. I prefer to have a partnership and still get excited when a client tells me about the next big idea. I am direct and I don’t believe in wasting time. If I think you’re crackers, I’ll tell you so. Likewise, I expect the same. I don’t bruise easily. I am loyal to my clients. I do not view them as mine to squeeze.

I’m articulate and a good public speaker. I’ve been known to be fierce in debate. I learned to love rhetoric beginning in boarding school and extending to my years at Durham University, where I became a life member of the Durham Union Society. I am politically active.

I am a writer of some talent and my work has appeared in numerous publications and is now being regularly published on several of the largest legal websites in Britain, including The Legal Practitioner, Charon QC and the Society for Computers and Law. My ambitions in the writing field are great. Stay tuned.

In no particular order, my down time after family and church matters is taken up with reading (mostly history and politics), hiking, hunting and the outdoors, trapshooting and the shotgun sports. I am involved in my community. Modesty prevents me from discussing my great humanitarianism. I can safely tell you, however, that my cat seems to like me.

I’m partial to excellent cuisine and I’ve been known to enjoy good wine (a fine claret will do), single malt scotch (love Dalwhinnie Double Matured) and the odd port.

Best, David