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David Crocker’s practice philosophy is based on these key principles:

Zeal and Persistence. First of all, Crocker is an advocate. He pursues his client’s interests with vigor and zeal.

Learning. Crocker has been a scholar his whole life. He has distinguished himself academically and he brings intense curiosity and thirst for knowledge to every aspect of his practice. He makes it a point to learn every aspect of his client’s business so as to render intelligent, informed advice at the intersection of business and the law.

Craftsmanship. For Crocker, the practice of law involves an aesthetic sense. Words are building blocks with which to create elegant and economical expression. Combined with extensive learning, Crocker strives to produce work of high quality.

Practicality. Crocker has a strong practical streak. He knows how things work. He constantly seeks the leanest, most efficient and cost-effective solution for his clients. He is a workman who doesn’t miss a beat.

Attentiveness. Crocker has a well-deserved reputation for attentiveness and client service. When you call his number, he answers the phone. He has a loyal clientele because he is concerned for his clients’ interests. In a word, he is available. For a far less formal (and slightly more fun) discussion of practice matters, go here.