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UK Client Care

We provide to you only the best service.
  1. I will be the person handling the work. I am a solicitor and sole principal of this firm. I specialize in business law.
  2. If there is ever any matter with which you are not happy please feel free to raise it with me. Unless otherwise agreed I principally charge on the basis of the time spent on the matter. I charge for all time spent on the matter, including traveling and waiting time and telephone calls. I am happy to give you details of current costs at any time as a running total is always available. The amount of costs in litigation which you will have to pay is likely to be greater than the amount you can recover from the other party to the case. If you win damages and/or costs from the other party, you will have to pay me for the cost of recovery of the sums from the other party, where necessary.
  3. My hourly rate may be increased on a calendar year basis. If I incur disbursements, such as court fees and barristers’ charges, these will be billed extra and I may need money in advance in appropriate cases.
  4. Some clients may be able to obtain free advice via the Legal Services Commission and others may have legal expenses insurance, so please check whether this may apply to you. Limited companies, however, cannot obtain legal aid. Some cases can be done on a “no-win no-fee” basis, although insurance premiums must be paid. |
  5. I bill all clients monthly where there is on-going work, at the end of each month for work done in that month.
  6. Bills are due on receipt, with interest being applied to unpaid bills that are more than 30 days at the rate of 1.4% per month.
  7. Nothing in this agreement shall benefit any third party and the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply.
  8. Under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (UK) I may be obliged, without reference to you, to make a disclosure to the National Criminal Intelligence Service (see unless it is information received so that advice may be given about it or unless it comprises the advice itself (privileged information). I therefore reserve the right to give such NCIS notices as I deem appropriate without notice to or discussion with you.
  9. After completion of the work I am entitled to keep all your papers and documents until money owed by you to me is paid. You can terminate your instructions to us at any time in writing, but we may retain the papers until you have paid all charges and expenses owing. I reserve the right to stop acting for you in certain circumstances such as where you cannot give proper instructions or you lose confidence in me or do not pay an interim bill. I will give you reasonable notice of this and you must then pay sums owing.
  10. Where litigation is undertaken this is not on a conditional fee basis, unless we have signed a separate conditional fee agreement. You are obliged to pay my costs whether you win or lose the action.
  11. If there is anything here with which you are not happy please let me know, otherwise we shall proceed on the terms set out above.